Family Dinner

When the kids were growing up it was a rule that everyone was at the table come dinner time. We ate as a family and enjoyed many conversations. We talked about what happened that day, homework that had to be done, and let’s not forget “eat your veggies, you’re not getting up until you do”.

The kids grew up and it has been my husband and I for several years now. The table became a place to drop anything in your hands as you passed by to the rest of the house. Hubby and I now eat in the living room, watching the news when I have the remote, or a western when he has the remote. I got tired of cleaning the table off and with a small house, space is valuable. The table got replaced with a stereo and treadmill for awhile, then a rocker.

Now we have two grand-babies and another on the way. Family dinner is now on Thursday nights and it has become necessary to have a kitchen table again. I never thought I would get so excited over a table that I know is going to need to be cleaned off every time I turn around, but I am. I miss those times around the table, everyone talking at once. I look forward to hearing about what is going on with the kids and grand kids lives. Watching their expression as they relay the tales of something exciting. This is stuff you can’t get off Facebook, this is family dinner around the table.

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