With love in our heart.

I am sure you have read dozens of Christmas stories. My husband and I first Christmas together was a a little different than most. At the time I did not have a job and my husband had just got laid off from Chatham Manufacturing. We were so poor that we barely had enough to eat. There was no way we could spend what little money we had on buying presents.

I wanted so much to give my husband a first Christmas that he would remember. I set out in search of a Christmas tree that would be able to set on the table in the little camping trailer we lived in. At the time, it was all we could afford to rent. I walked around, up and down the dirt road, and finally all I could find was a couple of Charlie Brown trees growing on the side of the road. Come to think of it was probably best I did not find a big tree due to I had taken a bread knife that had a serrated edge to cut the tree down. I don’t recall us owning a saw or ax, so knife it was. I cut down two small pines not as big around as your big toe. They were not over a foot and half tall.

I proudly carried my two trees home and found a can that was big enough to hold the trees, added water so they wouldn’t die, and rocks to hold the trees up. I tied the trees together at just the right space to make them look like they had more branches than they did. I cut cardboard shapes and took old foil and wrapped them and strung up a small string of pop corn. That tree was so pitiful, but we had a Christmas tree. I have heard my husband of 36 years now, tell people about our first Christmas tree many times, always with love in his heart. Merry Christmas my dear husband!

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