Indoor Garden part 2

So, here’s what happened next.

undefinedI was checking out indoor gardening on YouTube one day trying to figure out what was wrong with our indoor garden. I ran across a video on hydroponic gardening. I believe the first video I saw was on using the Kratky method which was simple enough. I began researching more just because that is what I do. I read the crap out of it. There is one section of the library that should be dedicated to me.  In my readings on the hydroponic gardening it was mentioned that before diving in to building your own hydroponic garden it would be wise to purchase a ready-made version to test it out.

This lead me back to YouTube to check out what my options were. I decided to buy an AeroGarden and began to look around at the prices. The one thing about me that you should know is I am cheap, hate to spend money when I might find a used one for sale cheaper, that and I really did not put a lot of faith in it really working like they advertised. I found a used one on Facebook in the marketplace. Hubby and I went and met with the person one Sunday, and we had an AeroGarden. I could not wait long enough to go online, order the seeds from AeroGarden, and wait for them to arrive. I had tomato seeds left over from the past Spring and planted those in the little pods that came with the system.

That was on Jan. 5th, I was so amazed at how fast these little seeds turned to 12” plants with stems as big around as my little finger. By Feb 6th I was having to transplant the tomatoes out of the AeroGarden because they had grown over top of the lighting system. When I planted the seeds, I told my husband we would at least have tomato plants to plant in the garden by April. I had no clue; we both were so amazed every day as we watched these plants go from seed to plants. I am now on the lookout for another Aerogarden, so I can have a flower in my bathroom where there is no sun. We now are trying Butterscotch lettuce in the AeroGarden. Excited to see how this turns out.

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