Corralling the girls

Garden time is just around the corner and I realized I needed to contain the girls (hens) to keep them from digging and scratching my garden up. I have strawberry plants due in a couple weeks and those will need to be planted soon after arrival. What started out as a simple plan turned into a major undertaking.

The hen house where I bed them down at night is right here next to the house. I go up every morning in the dark to feed and turn them out before I head off to my full-time job. It was a fine space to raise them from chicks, but now it is a little cramped, so I let them out during the day to keep the crankiness level down.

I had planned on moving the girls out to the big barn and letting them free range the goat pasture. A good plan, with them having over an acre to roam and scratch around without bothering anything. Yes, the barn is farther away from the house than the hen house is now, but I saw nothing wrong making the trip in the mornings to let them out for the day. Hubby, however, did not want me making the trip that far in the dark with coyotes in the area. So, picking my battles, I decided to let this one slide.

The only other option was to fence in around their existing location. There was a smaller area that we had used about ten years ago, made from 10’ deer netting that needed to be cleaned up before I could even begin with the new area. It took me the better part of Saturday tugging, cutting, and pulling out 300 feet of deer netting and 150 feet of 2’ high chicken wire that had been overtaken by briars and small trees.

I need another good day of cutting up two trees that are down and one that needs to be cut down. I drove what t-post I had in yesterday and will need to drive around 6 or 7 more after the trees are cut up and moved. I am going to need someone to help with the cutting of the trees, again picking my battles and not doing it myself because it makes hubby nervous when I do. If he was able, he would be right there showing me how it is done. No matter that my daddy was a saw miller all his life and I know how to run a chainsaw. Hubby’s health is not good, and I know it bothers him to see me working so hard and him not being able to help. So, I don’t push (most of the time) when I know he don’t want me doing something that he considers dangerous for me.  Hard for him to understand that I love working outside a lot more than inside cleaning house.

Some time this week I will swing by Tractor Supply on my way home from work and pick up some more fencing wire. Hopefully I will have someone lined up to help with the cutting up of the trees by next weekend or maybe get that done during the week. I see a good day hauling and stacking wood out of my way in my future. Once that is done, I should have the fence up in no time. Then on to the gardening. It’s a good life.

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