Happy Veteran’s Day!

Happy Veteran’s Day to my father, my husband’s father, my sister and brother-n-law. Thank you to all of the brave soles that stood up and fought for our freedom. Thank You and may God bless.

Christmas time when hubby was growing up

My husband wrote this a few years back and I am going to share to you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Christmas as a Kid

 “Growing up on a road where just about everyone living on it was family and all were Christian people. I never knew about drinking alcohol or families fighting . We all lived a simple lives, most of our dads worked and moms stayed home and raised us.  We had the Big Elkin Creek and the woods behind Pleasant Hill Church to play in. The all time best part of the year was Christmas.  Granny’s house like many, had a living room only used when company come over to visit. The rest of the time it stayed closed to us kids (we were a messy bunch). Back to Christmas. Granny would get a son in law to go get her a big Cedar tree about 7 feet tall. She would decorate with balls, lights, tinsel and that awesome spray snow. Yes spray snow, she would spray a white foam stuff that imitated snow. She would spray the windows in the corners and sills too. All this made for some of the best smells of my youth. You opened the door on that room and there was that big tree all decorated and the snow. The smell of fresh cut cedar and the snow was so good.  Under the tree were boxes wrapped and all of the grandkids knew what it was. Every year she would charge at the local store boxes of Candy bars(Hershey Chocolate Bars). We all got a box and it took her a year to pay for the presents on Grandpa’s retirement check. We would gather on Christmas Eve and everybody would bring a bowl of food. Oh the food and desserts. Each of my aunts and uncles had their best dishes to bring. Alene’s pies, Peggy’s fruitcake and Christmas candy. Mama was a cooker, she made casseroles. Now there was still Pansy, Lowell, Ivory and Harvey and all their families to add to it with food too.  We would fill the house to the brim. Eat, laugh, and be thankful we had made it another Christmas. Then Granny would open the door to the living room and it all decorated and smelling so good. She would pass out our presents. A box of candy bars “Oh my my” I was happy. A little later on that night we all headed home for bed because you know who came on Christmas Eve “Santa Clause”.   Oh how I miss my years as a kid. “

Winter indoor mini-garden

Every winter we are forced to either eat bland tasting tomatoes or none at all. By November my husband and I are craving one of those summer tomatoes that was growing in the garden that just fits on a slice of bread. Canned tomatoes are great, don’t get me wrong. Nothing better than opening a jar and grabbing a spoon, but not that just picked taste.

So the light bulb goes off in my head and I think “why can I not grow these in the laundry room this winter”? So, what started out as growing a couple of tomatoes plants has turned into three tomato plants, cucumbers, celery, chives, and peppers. One grow light turned into two and I have visions of trying my hand at hydroponic lettuce.

One lesson learned: indoor gardens do not need as much water as out door plants. I found my plants floating in water. Seems my husband and myself were both watering. So we made a deal, he gets to tend to some of the plants and I got to tend the others.

I am noticing what looks like mold growing on the top of the soil. I don’t know how to stop this or the fact that the plants don’t appear to be growing. I am one of those “like to see results” kind of people, and just not getting that with my indoor garden. I think it is to cool in there for the tinder plants. So I thought about putting the chickens heat lamp in there and turn it on for a few hours a day. Not sure that is going to be a good plan, maybe a heating pad to set the plants on. I need to do so more research on this.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Gather Around the Pickle Barrel

I once jokingly told my husband that he could never find another woman that would keep him on his toes like I do. He never knows what project I will take a mind to do from week to week. That is what this website is all about.

I am a country girl through and through. Raised in the foothills of North Carolina by a very loving couple, I grew up tending a garden every year. Was taught how to sew, cook, and always got to help out when there was carpentry work that needed doing.

When my husband and I got married we only had a stereo and lawn chairs to our name. My carpentry skills came in handy often. Every time he would make me mad I would go work out my irritation with a hand saw and hammer. It did not take long before we had a kitchen table. We used that table for several years. I look back on those days with such fondness. That was 36 years ago and love him, our two children and soon to be three grand babies very dearly.

Be sure to come back often to find out what is happening on the farm.