Indoor Winter Garden

Let me catch you up.

Last Fall as the garden was dying off, I just did not want to face another Winter buying store bought tomatoes. Let’s face it, they do not compare to a garden picked tomato. I took cuttings from a few of the plants we had left that had not been bitten by jack frost. That was the being of a learning process.

I told my husband, God bless him for loving me enough to let me try anything, I was going to grow tomatoes for us to eat during the Winter. Him being a tomato sandwich lover, was all for it. So I cleaned a small spot out in the laundry room and proudly set up my plants. Well you cannot have a fresh tomato without a green onion. The last fish in the aquarium had just pasted away so that turned into an onion bed. Then one day walking back from feeding the chickens I spotted a cluster of something green growing in a garden bed and went to investigate. Oh my, there about an inch tall were a small cluster of cucumbers from one that had gotten to big and I just left it laying. I gathered up the tiny baby plants and added them to the growing garden in the laundry room. One grow light turned into two, three tomato plants turned into: tomato, onions, cucumbers, celery, chives, pumpkin and hot peppers.

In my head, I saw us having fresh food to eat by at least January. Tomatoes bloomed, a baby cucumber appeared, we watered and fertilized, and we waited. We have not decided if we bought the wrong grow lights or if it was too cool for them. We have not gotten the first veggie from out indoor garden. It was a learning experience and I had fun trying. I am not a quitter and don’t give up easily. Stay tuned for what came next. I was so surprised.